Monday, June 3, 2013

Best Restaurants for group dinners in San Francisco

It appears to me that everyone is constantly busy in San Francisco - are people working or just having too much fun? Probably a little bit of both... The Bold Italic was recently writing about the fact that San Franciscans are constantly in a hurry and came up with quite a few good reasons.

IMO, one is that I have at least one group dinner a week and we always have the same issue: To find a good restaurant in San Francisco which hosts more than five people.

This is why I came up with the Top 5 Group Restaurants in San Francisco (medium price range and about 10 people):

No. 1: Suppenkueche

Ok, this is not my favourite place because it is German but because it just has the best beer in town (which by coincidence is German). You can even order big glass boots of beer (which we usually never do in Germany unless it is a pretty cheesy place) but here -far away from the real Germans- it is actually kind of fun. Their Schnitzels are tasty, too!! They even have a beer garden on the other side of the street - but so far I refused to visit it as it can't compare to a real beer garden and is rather a square area of asphalt surrounded by a hoarding and serving beer within.

No. 2: Limon Rotisserie

I just LOVE their chicken and this is the only reason why I put this restaurant down on the list - of course along with the fact that it is great for eating out with groups. We went there a few times with a group of 8 to 10 people and the chicken is always the highlight (it is even better than the one that you can have at the German Oktoberfest) and that really means a lot.

No. 3: Dosa
If you are up for some South Indian Food try out Dosa on Fillmore Street. There is another Dosa Location in the city (on Valencia), but Fillmore is the newer and more stylish place. You will find an urban crowd and upbeat vibe and tasty cocktails as well as an extensive wine list. My favourite dish are the vadas (south Indian crab cakes)

No. 4: Perbacco
This Italian place allows you to have a Pietmontese celebration in one of their private rooms with house-made salumi and delicious pastas and flavorful wines. Located in the heart of San Francisco it is perfect for a night out with colleagues or friends.

No.5: Pauline's Pizza

Located on 260 Valencia Street you can have an awesome pizza party in this family-style place. They serve huge bowls of fresh salad and while you are waiting you can get creative on the paper tablecloth with colourful crayons.

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