Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good news - official publishing date for "How to love San Francisco" is coming up!

After we successfully raised the funds to bring "How to love San Francisco - One year in the City by the Bay" to English-speaking markets with Indiegogo, we are happy to announce that official publishing date is coming up in a couple of days, on June 23rd 2015!

Long months of work are finally over. We have been busy with translation, final edits and getting it ready for official publishing in the last 12 months - now we couldn't be any happier to soon bring our San Francisco travel novel in front of your eyes.

The book will be available through Amazon - both as a digital and print copy. If you can't wait to read it, drop me a note  ( and I will send you a digital copy for review! 

Want to know what is it about?  It's a travel guide wrapped in a love story

This book is a marriage of a novel and a travel guide, like a Lonely Planet with a love story. A story 
taking place in San Francisco and following the story of Hanni, a girl crossing both oceans and cultures to live her dream in The City That Knows How. 

This book is written for everybody -- either local or a visitor -- who wishes to learn about the life, 
culture, and the ins and outs of San Francisco and be entertained with the story of Hanni. 

The German language version of “How to Love San Francisco” has already been: 

• A top 3 position seller on Amazon Germany 

• A semi finalist at the Tuscon Festival of Books 

• Top 3 position at the Continuing Studies of Wisconsin 

• Top 50 non-fiction author at Lovely Books

Lots of love from Munich,