Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Inspire kids to save our oceans - my new personalized children's book is out

After my first personalized children's book, The Tree of Life, has been so well received by parents and children alike all over the world, I decided to dedicate myself to another personalized and inspiring children's book. For months I wondered what message could be inspiring and relevant to kids and find a topic that hasn't been covered yet.
As a diver, writer and mother I found it heartbreaking to see how polluted our oceans have become and how few of our global coral reefs, who play an essential role for life on earth and us humans are still alive. (I can recommend the movie “Chasing Corals” for learning more about this matter)

I wondered what to do and decided to educate our kids, our future generation, about what they can do to protect our oceans from plastic and live mindfully with nature -  not in a daunting and threatening but in an empowering way!

This is why I just launched "The Ocean Adventure", an inspiring and personalized children's book which takes children on a journey to experience the richness of the sea and its creatures while playfully teaching them how they can help to keep the ocean wonderful and abundant. Vibrant watercolor illustrations by my friend Christina Snuggs make the story even more magical. Like our last personalized book “The Tree of Life”, this book is also a premium-hardcover with sturdy pages for little hands and is printed sustainably in Germany! We also donate part of the proceeds to CRF, a wonderful non-profit organization that is dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state!