Wednesday, July 3, 2013

San Francisco - still best (and snobbiest) city in the United States

According to Travel + Leisure San Francisco is the most pretentious city - it doesn't just have some great restaurants, galleries, and shops. How did they come up with this ranking? They asked their readers to rank 35 major cities across the U.S., voting on everything from how charming the local accent is to the quality of microbrews and the attractiveness of residents, the quality of luxury shopping, the IQ of residents or how tech-savy the city is. San Francisco ranked high with visitors on the snooty categories like fine dining (#5, behind Charleston, New Orleans and New York, and tied with Chicago), tech-savviness (#2, how could Seattle go first??), and the kind of judgey eco-friendliness that makes those unused to curbside compost feel small (#4).

What do you think about this ranking and is this how you want San Francisco to represent itself and be known in the world?

Do you want to know which cities follow San Francisco in the ranking? Here they are: 
1.    San Francisco
2.    New York City
3.    Boston
4.    Minneapolis/St. Paul
5.    Santa Fe (TIED)
6.    Seattle (TIED)
7.    Chicago
8.    Providence, RI
9.    Washington, D.C.
10.Charleston, SC
11.Portland, OR
12.Savannah, GA
14.Kansas City, MO (TIED)
15.Philadelphia (TIED)
16.Los Angeles
18.Portland, ME
19.Austin, TX
20.San Juan, PR

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