Thursday, June 6, 2013

Best restaurants for dates in San Francisco

As you might not know yet, but will know in a second: I met an American guy and we started to hang out - you probably could call it "dating" although I refuse to speak of dating as I just don't like the concept of it (if you want to find out more why that is you will find more in chapter June of "How to Love San Francisco").

Anyway, we had drinks the first time at Bourbon & Branch and he invited me to a fancy steakhouse called House of Prime Rib the last time.

Now, it seems to be on me to suggest the next place. I asked some friends for the best restaurants to bring a date in the city and this is the result of my little survey:

  • Frascati: 
    For some reason most of the best dating places have some kind of an Italian background and Frascati is "the place". The reason for that is that both its location (in cute and up-scale Hyde Street in Russian Hill) and it's romantic coziness are just made for dates. If you want to enjoy a great tagliatelle or grilled swordfish while the cable car is stuttering by the window in its nostalgic style come here. 
  • Anchor Oyster Bar
    Right in the heart of Castro district this easy-going place  is great and nonbinding. This tiny little gem has been around since 1977 and it can be perfectly combined with watching a movie at the Castro Theater first and then snacking and chatting along some oysters, shrimp or crab cocktail. Anchor Oyster Bar always gets pretty crowded - so make sure that you sign up on the white board. 
  • Zuni Cafe
    This place on 1658 Market Street is located in a rather rough area but still is worth going. It has been around for more than 25 years and if you go in the late afternoon you will enjoy the warm evening sunlight falling into the welcoming restaurant and onto your plate of Tuscan Chicken (for two) or Ceasar. 
  • Foreign Cinema:
    If you walk down the candlelit hallway of grungy Mission Street you won't expect such a spacious outdoor patio and a film flickering on the back wall. You can share oysters and bubbles with your date and in case you shouldn't know what to talk about anymore: just watch the movie :).
  • Fleur de Lys
    This is not a normal dating restaurant - you should just come here if you have something very special to celebrate: like anniversary or big birthday... then it's totally worth it but pricey as well. Fleur de Lys is more than just a French Restaurant - it is one of the renowned restaurants of Herbert Keller and features a truly original cuisine of contemporary French cooking with Mediterranean accents. 

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