English book 

After one year of early mornings and all weekends writing, my debut novel "Ein Jahr in San Francisco" was finally published in September 2012 in collaboration with German publishing house Herder. After an successful launch in Germany and great reviews on online retailers, more and more friends from across the world asked me to make the San Francisco book available in English. You can order the English version here.  Test it first? You find an extract here - it even includes audio. 

What is it about? 
It's the story of a spirited young woman who finds adventure in San Francisco. By crossing continents Hanni, in her mid twenties, starts a new life - with unexpected hurdles. When Hanni gets the offer to work in San Francisco for a year, she doesn’t expect the experience to turn her life upside down. Not only does she get infected by the Silicon Valley virus to start her own company, but she also falls in love with an American guy whose behavior causes her to question her understanding of relationships. Sacrificing German caution for American optimism, Hanni navigates the ups and downs of this bizarre new world, from finding a place to stay in the most expensive city in the U.S., to deciphering the cryptic code of American dating, to developing a taste for the ‘secret sauce’ of Silicon Valley.

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You can order it here.