Monday, September 12, 2016

San Francisco will always be in my heart

Dear reader,

you might have noticed that I didn't write for quite some time. Of course, I shouldn't really have an excuse for not updating you regularly anymore.

At least, let me try to come up with one: I have left San Francisco for good some time ago. But the problem was actually like Walter Cronkite put it: "Leaving San Francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. You want to linger as long as possible."

It wasn't possible for me to linger that long as I had to go back to Europe for family reasons. But San Francisco stayed with me just like an 'old sweetheart' can. I tried to forget it. I tried to fall in love with someone else (another city). I tried to not have all the wonderful San Francisco memories come up. I tried to push all emotions off and start new in another city.

But it wasn't that easy. And even now: about 2 years after having left San Francisco I still think about San Francisco and its still my favorite city in the world. Maybe I come back one day?

I tell you, if you have the chance to spend some weeks, months or even your whole life in San Francisco, than you should really value it ... for all the different reasons you might have.

But if you want to know why I love(d) San Francisco soo much, here are my top reasons:

  • the magical sun light of California which is warm and golden and beautiful 
  • the mindset of people living in the city. There really isn't another place where people try to make moves as bold as in San Francisco. YOU CAN DO IT. 
  • the walkability of the city. It's not like the standard American city where you have to drive everywhere
  • you always feel close to nature. I used to live in Nob Hill and I was able to see the ocean every day. It was the most beautiful gift your eyes could get every day... 
  • the one and only GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. If you actually live in San Francisco you don't value that you live next to one of the most impressive landmarks in the world....but if you move to a city which doesn't have such superlatives, I promise you, you will miss the GGB instantly 
  • the magic of the city arising from all its stories: literates in North Beach, Hippies in Haight Ashbury, internet pirates in SOMA ... 
  • the fact that you are almost surrounded by ocean least on 3 sides. 
  • the European feeling of Little Italy and Nob Hill mixed with the latin American influence of the Mission and the Asian flair of Chinatown 
  • I connected with many super smart and inspiring people and I truly believe that there are few cities in the world which have as much driven, innovative and inspiring people on such small space
  • the fact that San Francisco feels slightly dangerous (at least to a German :)) : much higher crime rate than in Munich and the constant fear of the BIG ONE (earth quake) saying hello one day. I guess it makes you value each day going by smoothly and nice just a little bit more  

Why do you love San Francisco?
With love,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

'How to love San Francisco' is available on Amazon for free for limited amount of time

Dear readers.

we launched a couple of days ago and wanted to make you a little present: therefore 'How to love San Francisco' is free for you to download until 11th of July on Amazon here:

Grab your copy today and leave a review if you liked it!

Afterwards book price will increase to 5.48USD.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good news - official publishing date for "How to love San Francisco" is coming up!

After we successfully raised the funds to bring "How to love San Francisco - One year in the City by the Bay" to English-speaking markets with Indiegogo, we are happy to announce that official publishing date is coming up in a couple of days, on June 23rd 2015!

Long months of work are finally over. We have been busy with translation, final edits and getting it ready for official publishing in the last 12 months - now we couldn't be any happier to soon bring our San Francisco travel novel in front of your eyes.

The book will be available through Amazon - both as a digital and print copy. If you can't wait to read it, drop me a note  ( and I will send you a digital copy for review! 

Want to know what is it about?  It's a travel guide wrapped in a love story

This book is a marriage of a novel and a travel guide, like a Lonely Planet with a love story. A story 
taking place in San Francisco and following the story of Hanni, a girl crossing both oceans and cultures to live her dream in The City That Knows How. 

This book is written for everybody -- either local or a visitor -- who wishes to learn about the life, 
culture, and the ins and outs of San Francisco and be entertained with the story of Hanni. 

The German language version of “How to Love San Francisco” has already been: 

• A top 3 position seller on Amazon Germany 

• A semi finalist at the Tuscon Festival of Books 

• Top 3 position at the Continuing Studies of Wisconsin 

• Top 50 non-fiction author at Lovely Books

Lots of love from Munich,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We did it! Now there's less than 24 hours for the final stretch goal...

Ok, this is it guys. Thank you all so very much for your support!

Now, we're into our last 24 hours. For those of you who haven't heard, we both made our goal AND we're setting one final stretch goal. If we make this, you ALL get something! Take a look at this video and see for yourself:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Enjoy a taste of the book today - watch it or read the first chapter of 'How to love San Francisco - One year in the City by the Bay!

Dear Readers,

we hope you are enjoying the long weekend and maybe even explore new parts of San Francisco! We are now half-way through the campaign and want to say 'Thank you very much' for your previous support!!

Please share the news about the book with your friends and spread the word - it means the world to us!! Just click one (or both!) of the buttons below to make a real difference in just moments!

Now you can even provide your friends with a reading from the book. And if you yourself didn't have the chance to listen in to the story, go ahead! The long weekend is a great chance to do so. You can find the link to the first chapter here. You prefer a shorter version? Just click the video below and watch Johanna reading from the book!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Johanna and the campaign team

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We just launched 'How to love San Francisco - One year in the City by the Bay" on Indiegogo

Dear Readers,

Finally the wait is over! A couple of minutes ago we launched our popular book “How to love San Francisco - One year in the City by the Bay” on Indiegogo. You can visit the campaign website here.

Or just click onto the book cover:

Please, like it, share it, and back us for some great rewards. A special offer to all early backers who support us in the first 48 hours with more than $100: you will be featured on the "Wall of Fame of early backers" on an extra page in the book!! 

We can’t wait to have you visit our campaign website!

Thanks soo much for supporting us,


Thursday, April 17, 2014

"How to love San Francisco - One year in the City by the Bay" - Our softlaunch event at Rocketspace

Dear San Francisco Fans!

Great things happened recently - last week we soft launched the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at Rocketspace in San Francisco. What I mean by soft launching? We showed the video to everyone at the event and I gave an exclusive reading of chapter 1 and chapter 2.

That's what my friend Sophia from Rocketspace wrote about the event on their blog:

"The reception at RocketLabs, our 225 Bush St coworking location in San Francisco, was bustling with book lovers Wednesday evening, April 9th, as our very own Johanna Lehmann announced the soft launch of her very popular book, “How to Love San Francisco: One Year in the City by the Bay.” Johanna, aka author Hanni Bayers, regaled the crowd with her Indiegogo fundraising campaign video (featured below) as well as an exclusive live reading of the novel’s second chapter, introducing us to main character Hanni and explaining her book’s very unique structure. This hybrid travel guide and romantic novel follows Hanni’s adventures discovering San Francisco, its startup culture, and the intricacies of dating in America, each chapter followed by excursion details to special places and hidden spots in San Francisco.
This romantic novel meets travel guide, originally written in German, has been lauded far and wide: it’s one of the top 3 books on Amazon in Germany, a Top 3 at the Continuing Studies of Wisconsin, and was a semi-finalist at the Tucson Festival of Books. The author, Johanna Lehmann, was even selected one of the Top 50 non-fiction authors by LovelyBooks, Germany’s largest reading community!
You can support the English language translation through Johanna’s Indiegogo campaign, and download a chapter of the book for free on the Hanni Bayers website!"

Enjoy the full post here!

Let me know what you think!