Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One book one child initiative launched - my new children's book is out

Dear readers, 

happy to announce to you that after months of writing, then editing and illustrating my new children's book finally launched

It's a personalized book - with your child being the main character in the book. You can personalize the name and look. And the best thing: with every book you buy, we donate one book to children in need. 

What is it about? 

Imagine you go to sleep and have a wonderful dream that changes your life! 

You wake up in a magical forest with trees as colorful and vivid as you have never seen before. You meet a friendly bear called Naby. He shows you the most special thing you could dream of: your very own tree of life. The bear teaches you that your tree grows together with you - all through your life. Then more colorful, wild and brave your life is, the bigger and stronger your own tree will grow. But the adventure is not over yet! Follow Naby through the Forest of Life and get inspired!

The first personalized batch closed already - we have been overwhelmed with orders. But you can pre-order now for shipping in February 2017. Order your personalized copy here

The book is suitable for kids ages 0 - 8 - see how kids enjoy it: http://bit.ly/2gfiZG9

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