Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekend fun - my favorite brunch places in San Francisco?

Brunch - that is our way of life in San Francisco.  Why is that? 

First of all, as San Francisco doesn't offer mild warm evenings where you can sit outside and sip a beer. Therefore we rather choose the mornings for this. Since San Franciscans are up pretty early anyway it's not a big deal to get to a brunch place around 9 am - to then wait for another approx. 45 minutes to get seated (YES - San Franciscans love waiting as much as they love brunch:)) . Other locations, like Park Tavern for instance, allow reservations - no waiting required! 

So what are my favourite places? 

1. Outerlands on 4001  Judah Street

This place is temporarily closed and scheduled to reopen in April 2014. 
Although the Sunset doesn't see a lot of love in the culinary world,  Outerlands gives me a reason to make the trek. A few reasons: a rustic, calming space; the smell of fresh-baked levain; and a short menu of simple, delightful brunch dishes. Since you always have a wait here during the weekends: use those 40 minutes and go for a walk with your friends along Ocean Beach - I bet you will be even more hungry afterwards!

2. Mission Beach Cafe on  198 Guerrero Street

This place is in the mission which makes it usually a sun-filled place. They offer Blue Bottle coffee and  artisanal pastry along with farmers' market-inspired brunch. If you haven't had enough drinks the night before you can try some of their mimosas and fill your hungry stomach with scrambles, Benedicts and tasty breakfast sandwiches. And they have green tea chai latte, which I really love. 

3. Tartine Bakery on 561 Valencia Street 

Bart Tartine is a San Francisco highlight - for their fresh bread and their delicious plates to share. I love to order their Potato flatbread with rhubarb, fennel and poppy seeds - it's for a your sweet tooth. For the fans of more hearty brunches my all-time favorite are their open-faced sprouted rye bread sandwiches with beef tartare with green horseradish and fried onion. Come and enjoy!

4. NOPA on 560 Divisadero Street

Ok, it is a little decadent but totally worth it. My favourite dish:  farm eggs pair with sweet-tart caponata, and chicken-sweetbread sausage comes on a base of nutty farro. If I a really hungry I order Custard French Toast along with it (and feel bad about it right away :)) 


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