Thursday, May 2, 2013

Best Hotels in San Francisco - sleep well!

As a San Francisco resident I never really stay in a hotel - if friends come over I over them my tiny little couch or my air bed. But with San Francisco rental prices, anything beyond a one-bedroom isn't on the cheap side - so my tiny little one-bedroom apartment is definetely not the best space to host huge groups of family and friends...
Therefore I asked around and want to share the list of the best hotels in the city with you... btw, if you want to get a very good deal in a great location (like getting 4 to 5 stars, but paying 2 to 3 stars and liking suprises: try the website hotwire). I like to recommend B&B (see midrange category) as they are usually much cozier as any big hotel chain could ever be.

when I first came to SF, I stayed at the Steinhart Hotel (at that time it was great and affordable, but as far as I know they changed prices (to midrange).

Travelling on a budget: 

for Midrange budgets (< 200 USD): 

for the affluent traveller: