Friday, April 12, 2013

Secret weekend get-aways from San Francisco - Hiking around Calaveras County

This part 2 of the weekend get-away special. For part 1 please see here.

Since I moved to San Francisco I never felt the urge to leave the city over the weekend - it was rather the other way around: San Francisco has soo much to offer that I was looking forward to the weekend to be able to try out some of its restaurants, go to music festivals or stroll around its neighborhoods. 

This last weekend I actually left the city over the weekend - my friends and I had planned to do a trip to Calaveras Country (2,5 hours away from SF)  and it was completely worth it leaving the town, as this little Gold Rush Area has a lot to offer. 

If you are an outdoor-lover Murphys is for you. Very close by there are great hikes and things to explore. I can especially recommend: 

Natural Bridges near Vallecito 

Below some impressions from the great Natural Bridges hike.  

And you shouldn't forget to stop by in Angelscamp on the way back to San Francisco. why? Have you ever visited a walk of fame for jumping frogs? 

If not, have a look at it in Angelscamp and see how far the best frogs during the annual competition jumped:

Enjoy Calaveras Country!

Stay tuned!